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Public Energy Inc.

Senior energy project leaders standardizing the transition to renewables.

John Douglas, Chairman,


John has spent a career navigating the financial, technical, and regulatory challenges inherent in bringing energy infrastructure projects to life. His background illustrates a pattern of recognizing and shepherding next-generation energy solutions into the mainstream. 

An entrepreneur and private investor focused on decarbonizing wholesale electricity markets, John’s key investments include high voltage direct current (“HVDC”) transmission development and distributed energy generation.

John is also a Founder and Director of oneGRID Corp., Chairman of Pacifico HVDC Link Inc, Founder and Director of Lake Erie Power Corp, Founder of Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI) – developer of the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) 1,250 MW HVDC transmission project from Montreal to NYC sold to Blackstone. And his previous roles include Founder, President and CEO of Ventus Energy Inc. (Wind developer. Acquired by GDF-SUEZ in 2007) (2004 – 2007) and Head of Investment Banking, Director, Sprott Securities Inc. (now Cormark Securities Inc.), (1996 – 2001).


Dr. Denis Steyn, Vice Chairman

PhD, MSc, BSc

Denis is a renowned high-voltage engineer, business manager, and inventor with over 25 years of experience working across the energy management spectrum. 

A sought-after consultant, innovator, and leader, Denis has consistently earned top-billing at multiple influential power companies, including Siemens, and senior advisor to oneGRID and the Empire State Connector. His globe-spanning career assessing, designing, and developing energy infrastructure projects on behalf of Europe’s largest energy companies has given him a line of sight on where the industry is headed. 

Denis is also the founder and CEO of Proventus Global Inc., an innovative power industry service and solutions provider serving customers in North America through Power Quality Management, DC Microgrids, and E-Mobility.

Denis is also a Director of oneGRID Corp., and was formerly Director of Business Development Energy Management, Siemens Canada, Founder and CEO of Smart Lines Solutions GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany, Director Power Transmission Lines, Siemens AG, Germany (2011 – 2018), Senior Chief Researcher, University of Technology Graz, Austria (2008 – 2011), Founder and CEO, Energy Systems GmbH, Graz, Austria (2002 – 2008), and Senior Engineer for Energy Management Projects – Medium Voltage in Austria (1998 – 2002).