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Public Energy Inc.

Electricity. Reliability. Decarbonization. You can have all three.

No and low carbon reliable sources of heat and power – the Holy Grail of industrial production – is around the corner for affordability.

Public Energy is not only breaking new ground for industrial customer as a distributed generation based IPP that can deliver power below the cost of the grid.

We’re simultaneously developing practical and economic innovations from existing patents and off-the-shelf components that drive decarbonization today.

We’re currently working with industrial customers on solutions that will reduce and remove the carbon footprint of their energy consumption – and do so below the cost of the grid.

  1. 1

    Decarbonizing ICE – Internal Combustion Engines.

    Public Energy is working on decarbonizing the internal combustion engine on two fronts.

    First, we are working on a new high-efficiency, single stroke engine that will change the landscape for ICEs. This engine’s chief technological attribute is that, by combining the traditional four strokes – intake, compression, power, exhaust – into one, it can burn natural gas with greater efficiency. It can also burn syngas and Hydrogen.

    Second, we’re using natural gas fired engines on our distributed generation installs that have the capability to burn Hydrogen. Why is this important? Hydrogen as a fuel derived from electricity is already an option for decarbonization. Its cost, however, means it is only economic in non-grid environments, where the cost of the grid is even higher. On-demand Hydrogen technologies are the solution and are in development. Once on-demand production is perfected and is cost-effective, conversion of natural gas engines to Hydrogen will be attractive.

    Lower capital cost, lower operating cost, lower carbon impact. Public Energy is pursuing this trio with a passion – they will make on site power generation through an IPP both more affordable and more desirable.

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    Waste and GHGs. Two birds with one stone.

    Public Energy is working on a waste-to-energy solution with a difference – its economic and its emissions free.  Better still, it will work with our one-stroke engine.

    Current approaches for energy-to-waste – landfill gas, direct combustion and even emerging technologies – all have financial costs and environmental externalities that do very little to stimulate waste reduction. They also do not do much for energy production, with the energy content either limited or environmentally hazardous.

    Plastic Waste

    Plastic waste is a unique opportunity and challenge – it has high energy content and, until now, concerning emissions. While you may think dedicated diversion programs for plastics are the solution, roughly only 10% of plastic waste is actually recycled, with the remaining 90% still going to landfill.

    Public Energy has cracked the nut of the opportunity and challenge with plastic waste. It has proprietary rights to a plasma gasification technology that captures the energy value of plastic and leaves only an inert solid from the residue without any emission. This includes no GHGs.

    For industrial facilities with significant streams of plastic waste, this is a ready-made solution for an existing and expensive problem. Instead of the plastic waste being sent to landfill, it can be used on-site to develop syngas or hydrogen for use in CHP (combined heat and power) generation systems.

    What’s the value equation?

    It’s simple: less waste + electric energy below grid price + enhanced power reliability + lower natural gas usage + lower carbon footprint.

    Given the economics, this technology can work as well for any industrial and commercial customers with a solid baseload power requirement. The only additional cost is the supply of the plastic waste.

  3. 3

    Practical. Economic. Innovation.

    Public Energy is all business – we’re an IPP.

    If it does not pay, there is no business case, there is no customer. There are nonetheless practical and economic innovations that can deliver value for on-site – so-called ‘behind the meter’ – distributed generation solutions.

    We had our ear to the ground in seeing the opportunity for a distributed energy resources (DER) based independent Power Producer (IPP). We had our ear to the ground when we pursued the one-stroke engine and carbon free energy from waste. And we now have our ear to the ground for other new distributed generation technologies that drive decarbonization.

    Stay tuned.

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