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Public Energy Inc.

You could always do this yourself. But it's cheaper when we do it for you.

Unlike our competitors, the Public Energy model isn’t based on selling you equipment or sharing your savings from load curtailment programs.

In our baseload offering – either prime power or combined heat and power (CHP) – you get a fixed price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for the on-site generation. The baseload provides you cost certainty, with the fixed price per kWh acting as an electricity price hedge.

In our peak shaving / demand response offering, you get the generation capacity on-site for a fixed price per month. No need to curtail load to lower costs. Ever. You get the benefit of demand response without inconvenience for your operations.

Where economically feasible or a customer preference, either option can be provided as a hybrid solution with solar and battery storage.

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    • We provide you with an all-in cost savings comparison based on your historical usage and power bills, and the approved going forward charges of your electricity distributor.
    • Industrial operations with relatively consistent baseloads save significantly depending on their load profile – even when paying your local utility’s ‘standby’ charges. Industrial customers facing ‘on peak’ rate structures or challenging demand response programs can similarly benefit.
    • Savings can be a solid high six figures. No matter how you slice it, six figures gets noticed.
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    Market Change

    Instead of dealing with grid cost increases and market uncertainty, your savings with Public Energy would continue or end up higher than predicted. Bonus.

    • Our on-site, behind-the-meter baseload generation is your cost-certainty in an electricity marketplace where prices are only getting higher.
    • Changes to your demand response programs pose little risk when you have no need to meet their peak events.
    • If the demand response / curtailment program is revised or restructured, making it more challenging for your company to find cost savings, having baseload behind the meter is no risk to you.
    • Permits, Upgrades, & Certification. Public Energy bears the cost of any required natural gas upgrades, not you. We’ll review your existing environmental approval certifications and other operating permits and identify any required adjustments. We’ll also obtain any other equipment permits, including your electrical safety authority, and municipal permits as necessary.
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    Financial Stability

    Public Energy is backed by the investment arm of a major insurance company, meaning we have low cost capital to fund our equipment purchases. You’d likely not be able to own as inexpensively – and with as little risk – as you can when partnering with Public Energy.

    You can:

    • Untether yourself from the uncertainty of power prices, peak pricing regimes and awkward demand response programs.
    • Keep energy (supply and consumption) local.
    • Lower your grid charges and reduce the strain on the grid.
    • Minimize blackouts and brownouts.
    • Unburden yourself from having to maintain your own equipment.
    • Save $$$.

Keep Your Money in Your Business

Here’s how this works:

  1. Stage 1 · Initial Assessment and Proposal

    • Sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
    • Assessment: we go through 24 months of hourly interval meter data and 2 weeks of per second data to fully understand plant loads.
    • Review: we assess 12 months of electricity bills to determine your current ‘all-in’ price
    • We’ll review your single-line drawings to understand plant electrical configuration
    • We’ll review 12 months of natural gas bills (to assess the connection and tariff impact).
    • You’ll receive a detailed Customer Report and draft Term Sheet with solution options for either 5 or 10 years – basis for price for energy generated
  2. Stage 2 · Contract Negotiation and Setup

    • After you’ve signed the Term Sheet with Public Energy for 5 or 10 years based on your detailed Customer Report’s findings, Public Energy undertakes half-day ‘Detailed Site Visit’ with you to assess electrical, natural gas and civil engineering issues and confirm plan.
    • You’ll negotiate and execute a standard Power Purchase Agreement with Public Energy for either 5 or 10 years.
    • Public Energy purchases, for the baseload requirements, a natural gas supply hedge for your needs to support the term of the contract – removing all gas cost risk.
    • Public Energy orders equipment and fabricates the containerized generation solution that meets your requirements.
  3. Stage 3 · Operation and Maintenance

    • Installation and commission of the on-site generation solution at your location.
    • Public Energy operates your solution based on mutually agreed terms and provides worry free, cost free maintenance for you.
    • Public Energy will schedule maintenance in periods with least impact on your operations management. And we’ll make adjustments as needed anyway.

Bringing energy independence to businesses across North America.

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