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Public Energy Inc.

‘Self-Serve’ Electricity within Reach

The Opportunity

Are you surprised by the cost of electricity in your operations and frustrated by the slow pace of electricity deregulation in your state jurisdiction? 

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to participate in an “electricity choice” program whose queue length leaves you stranded in the old monopoly? 

Would you like to lower the carbon footprint of your electricity purchases, but are trapped by the generation mix of your state power grid or regional system operator?

Public Energy is the solution you have been waiting for. We have the “self-serve” options that are designed to work within your regulated or deregulated state jurisdiction. 

Like the sound of this but are worried only grid-supplied electricity comes with no new investment on your part?

Public Energy is still the solution you have been waiting for. How so? Being a distributed generation based independent power producer, we provide you ‘behind-the-meter’ solutions at your operation for only the price of the energy – no capital, operating or maintenance cost to you.

Regulated and Deregulated Markets

Public Energy will work through the regulatory issues with you and your utilities to provide a seamless transition. We will assess your load and energy consumptions in relation to the market rules and approved utility tariffs to ensure you maximize your savings.

What is the Process?

Whatever the rules of your jurisdiction and its customer classifications, we take you through the simple process steps.

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