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Public Energy Inc.

The distributed energy solution provider and innovator you've been waiting for is here.

Pay lower than grid prices, get off the peak events roller coaster, say goodbye to production disruptions from grid outages, and get on a clear path to decarbonizing your operations.

1 MW onsite DER in Niagara, Ontario

Meet a company with a difference – we’ve taken the business model of an independent power producer behind the customer meter, operating on your industrial site rather than on the grid.

Public Energy Inc. designs, installs, operates, finances and maintains the commercial distributed energy generation and storage systems to meet your unique needs and requirements. You pay only your energy cost – there is no additional cost for capital, operating or maintenance.

Whether it be a baseload hedge against escalating grid prices or a demand response tool for gaming a peak pricing regime, we can decrease your operating costs.

Isn’t this how energy should be delivered?

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