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Public Energy Inc.

On-Site Power (and a path to Decarbonization) without the headaches.

1 MW onsite DER in Brantford, Ontario

If your business uses a lot of energy, depends on consistent supply, and is trapped in an electricity market that only guarantees cost uncertainty and rising prices, we have some good news.

If you’re considering alternatives to reliance on grid-supplied electricity, but don’t have the bandwidth to plan for – let alone commit to financing, renovating, and integrating – a new solution, we have good news for you too.   

And finally, if you feel like you should be setting yourself up to play a part in the decarbonization of your business, guess what? Yep. More good news.

Public Energy Inc. is a new kind of energy supplier: one that reduces exposure to risk and still delivers rewards. We design the equipment. We install it on your property. We maintain it. You only pay for energy. Period. Kind of like you do at home. Lower cost and peace of mind on the house.

How We Operate


  • IPP for DERs – we are a distributed energy resources based independent power producer. We design, install, operate, finance and maintain pre-engineered, fully integrated onsite energy solutions for large industrial and commercial customers 

  • Innovative DER Solutions – we use only proven distributed energy resources technologies that provide savings over grid price and other sources of onsite power that ensure power quality and reliability – solutions include prime power, CHP, battery storage and solar PV

  • Customer Value Proposition – fixed price 5 and 10-year PPAs (power purchase agreements) below grid cost, increased quality and reliability and with lower carbon footprint

Grid Evolution: Driving to DERs

Grid Past: Centralized Generation

  • Vertically integrated monopoly utilities supply captive consumers
  • One-way power flows
  • Generation --> Transmission --> Distribution --> Consumers

Grid Now: Decentralized generation

  • Independent power producers get competitive access to monopoly wires 
  • Power generation economies-of-scale collapse due to renewables and transmission constraints
  • Two-way power flows increasingly prevalent
  • Local generation and decarbonization — wind / solar

Grid Future: Distributed Generation

  • On-site power generation becomes increasingly economical and beneficial compared to the grid
  • Hybrid distributed systems and microgrids of natural gas, solar and battery storage
  • Next generation IPPs with Transactive Energy and Blockchain (C2C) arrive
  • Hydrogen and other renewable energy breakthroughs offer alternative generation sources

Our Team

Hindsight is 20/20.
Guess what happens when you combine it with foresight?

What do you get when you create a leadership team that combines finance, utility and engineering backgrounds?

You get deep vertical experience in product development, permitting, and regulatory to optimize your distributed energy solutions. It should come as no surprise that something special happens when people who have developed energy projects and helped utilities transition into the 21st century set out to change an industry.

Backed by industry partners:

Siemens AG

Global leader in the design, manufacture and warranty of gas-fired reciprocating engines and their approved distributors and fabricator network located across North America.

HDR Inc.

North American engineering services company, with broad expertise in environmental issues and permitting. Utilizing local experience, understanding and expertise, with over 200 offices.

Bringing energy independence to businesses across North America.

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