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Public Energy Inc.

Put a power plant on your property. Pay for electricity. Period.

The Model

This solution isn’t your backup. It’s the real thing.

Public Energy lowers your electricity cost by providing your electric power needs on-site with natural gas, solar and energy storage solutions, and only calls on the grid for supplemental and backup resources. Our solutions mesh seamlessly with the grid – you won’t know the difference, except for the savings.

We tailor the solution – whether it be for baseload or peak shaving – for your specific requirements. We will show you which one or hybrid will save you the most money.

  • Baseload Prime Power – we provide this on a cents per kilowatt-hour basis. By taking your baseload power supply on-site, ‘behind the meter’ so to speak, Public Energy is giving you a price hedge for this block of power against increases in grid costs.
  • Baseload Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – we provide this on a cents per kilowatt-hour basis too, with the heat included in the price of the electricity. Only a marginal increase in costs is required to capture heat for offsetting your thermal operational needs.
  • Peak Shaving / Demand Response – we design the solution based on a fixed price per month that maximizes your savings under the rules of your demand response / curtailment program. We can design this to clip your peak or take your whole load ‘behind the meter’ for the peak, whatever you require.

The burden of managing grid price uncertainty and load curtailment becomes a thing of the past – in fact, you are in control with power generation on your side of the utility meter.

You can:

  • Untether yourself from the uncertainty of power prices.
  • Keep energy (generation and consumption) local.
  • Lower your grid charges and reduce the strain on the grid.
  • Minimize blackouts and brownouts.
  • Unburden yourself from having to maintain your own equipment.
  • Save $$$.

The Module

Your complete generation plant arrives as a prefabricated, containerized module designed for your specific load. There’s no on-site plant construction and no unnecessary complexity. The modules just work. And they keep on working.

Being on your property and ‘behind the meter’, our solution provides power that matches supply to demand.

The power quality (voltage and frequency) meets all international standards – in some cases, it’s even better! Generators feed directly into the plant load without the system losses you’re required to pay for on the grid.

Our Solution:

  • Engines – sourced from major manufacturers like Siemens.
  • Containers –  fabricators approved by the engine manufacturers.
  • Complete solutions – includes the generator and the balance of the plant, including all system, environmental and noise controls.
  • System control – designed in collaboration with you, the controls are automatic and remotely monitored.
  • Learnable – we can train your staff in operational system management if you require.
  • Easy to maintain – if there are no changes in load and operations, there’s no (or minimal) need for equipment management. And we’ll make adjustments as needed anyway.
  • Warranty comfort – whole solution is warrantied by the engine manufacturer.

Our Unique Offering:

  • Public Energy owns, operates, finances and maintains the power solution, whatever your load may be.
  • You can choose your contract: either 5 or 10-years, paying only the kilowatt-hour price of electricity consumed.
  • Public Energy looks after all the permitting, so the transition feels seamless.
  • You are free from capital, operating, maintenance or natural gas costs.


  1. 1


    Our specially modified shipping containers can house a solution of up to 2 MW. Need more power? No problem! More containers can be added for larger plants or as needs grow.

    We’re flexible about setup too – if you want to stack them, you can. We can even put support structures (think table legs) to allow access underneath.

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    Is the grid down? You’ll hardly notice.

    Our islanded solutions can insulate you from sustained grid outages (storms, car accidents, planned maintenance) and momentary disturbances (lightning, brownouts).

    And if the plant needs to shift back to the grid, not even a momentary outage would occur. We use an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) that operates within milliseconds to ensure service stays uninterrupted.

    Our grid ‘parallel’ solutions can allow the power flows to take many possible paths simultaneously. So, if one goes down, the other paths remain open. The parallel solution can be designed to support your operations if the grid goes down.

    Your schedule for power supply is designed for your load. All our solutions are informed by one-second metering of major loads, so there’s no chance of load acceptance or rejection issues.

    Switch on, switch off. It’s that easy.

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    During our feasibility assessment, we identify potential permitting implications and environmental impacts.

    Our natural gas solutions comply with all regulatory emission standards and requirements by design, whether that be state, provincial or municipal.

    We complete the required noise and air emissions modelling and assessments. Based on the results of the studies, we’ll adjust noise abatement measures to comply with regulatory requirements.

    Our standard 1 MW natural gas solution, for example, operates in the order of 65 decibels, measured at 30 feet (10 metres) from the containerized generator. This is compliant with the regulations in most jurisdictions.

    The noise emissions are primarily from the cooling fan, not the engine, so if additional noise abatement is required for your jurisdiction, the alternatives include:

    • Adjusting the location of generator
    • Adjusting the cooling fan size / speeds, and
    • Installation of noise barriers such as walls or berms.

    We determine the environmental feasibility on a case-by-case basis. And we bear the cost, too.

Bringing energy independence to businesses across North America.

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